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* Copyright (c) 2001-2017, Alliance for Open Media. All rights reserved
* This source code is subject to the terms of the BSD 2 Clause License and
* the Alliance for Open Media Patent License 1.0. If the BSD 2 Clause License
* was not distributed with this source code in the LICENSE file, you can
* obtain it at If the Alliance for Open
* Media Patent License 1.0 was not distributed with this source code in the
* PATENTS file, you can obtain it at
#if !defined(_ratectrl_xiph_H)
#define _ratectrl_xiph_H (1)
#include "av1/encoder/ratectrl.h"
#include "aom/internal/aom_codec_internal.h"
/*Frame types.*/
#define OD_I_FRAME (0)
#define OD_P_FRAME (1)
#define OD_GOLDEN_P_FRAME (2)
#define OD_ALTREF_P_FRAME (3)
/* Periodic boost (in between golden frames) strength - lower is more */
/* Constants for frame QP modulation <- tweak these
* Adjusts how the rate control system decides the quantizers per frame
* (sub)type */
#define OD_MQP_I (0.98)
#define OD_MQP_P (1.06)
#define OD_MQP_GP (0.99)
#define OD_MQP_AP (0.92)
#define OD_DQP_I (-2)
#define OD_DQP_P (0)
#define OD_DQP_GP (-2)
#define OD_DQP_AP (-2)
/*Fractional_coded_quantizer ~=
log2(quantizer / (1 << OD_COEFF_SHIFT))*6.307 + 6.235*/
/*Base/scale factor for linear quantizer to fractional coded quantizer
conversion (6.307 * 2^12) */
#define OD_LOG_QUANTIZER_BASE_Q12 (0x0064EB)
/*Inverse of above scale factor.*/
#define OD_LOG_QUANTIZER_EXP_Q12 (0x000289)
/*Offset for linear quantizer to fractional coded quantizer
conversion (6.235 * 2^45) */
#define OD_LOG_QUANTIZER_OFFSET_Q45 (0x0000C7851EB851ECLL)
#define OD_RC_2PASS_MAGIC (0x53015641) /* [A, V, 1, S] in little endian */
#define OD_RC_2PASS_SUMMARY_SZ (4 + 1 + (4 + 4 + 8) * OD_FRAME_NSUBTYPES)
#define OD_RC_2PASS_PACKET_SZ (1 + 4)
#define OD_RC_2PASS_VERSION (1)
/*A 2nd order low-pass Bessel follower.
We use this for rate control because it has fast reaction time, but is
critically damped.*/
typedef struct od_iir_bessel2 {
int32_t c[2];
int64_t g;
int32_t x[2];
int32_t y[2];
} od_iir_bessel2;
/* The 2-pass metrics associated with a single frame. */
typedef struct od_frame_metrics {
/*The log base 2 of the scale factor for this frame in Q24 format.*/
int64_t log_scale;
/*The frame type from pass 1.*/
unsigned frame_type : 1;
} od_frame_metrics;
/*Rate control setup and working state information.*/
typedef struct od_rc_state {
/* Image format */
int frame_width;
int frame_height;
int bit_depth;
/* Framerate */
double framerate;
/* Keyframe rate */
int keyframe_rate;
/* Golden frame period */
int goldenframe_rate;
/* Altref frame period */
int altref_rate;
/*The target bit-rate in bits per second.*/
int64_t target_bitrate;
/* Quality level for non-bitrate-targeting */
int quality;
/* Copied from oxcf->frame_periodic_boost */
int periodic_boosts;
/* Max Q */
int maxq;
/* Min Q */
int minq;
/* Quantizer to use for the first pass */
int firstpass_quant;
/* 2-pass metrics */
od_frame_metrics cur_metrics;
/* 2-pass state */
int64_t scale_sum[OD_FRAME_NSUBTYPES];
int nframes[OD_FRAME_NSUBTYPES];
/* 2-pass bytestream reader/writer context */
uint8_t *twopass_buffer;
int twopass_buffer_bytes;
/* Pass 1 stats packet storage */
uint8_t firstpass_buffer[OD_RC_2PASS_SUMMARY_SZ];
/* Every state packet from the first pass in a single buffer */
uint8_t *twopass_allframes_buf;
size_t twopass_allframes_buf_size;
/* Actual returned quantizer */
int target_quantizer;
/*The full-precision, unmodulated quantizer upon which
our modulated quantizers are based.*/
int base_quantizer;
/* Increments by 1 for each frame. */
int64_t cur_frame;
/* End of input flag */
int end_of_input;
/* Closed GOP flag */
int closed_gop;
/*The number of frames over which to distribute the reservoir usage.*/
int reservoir_frame_delay;
/*Will we drop frames to meet bitrate target?*/
unsigned char drop_frames;
/*Do we respect the maximum reservoir fullness?*/
unsigned char cap_overflow;
/*Can the reservoir go negative?*/
unsigned char cap_underflow;
/*Two-pass mode state.
0 => 1-pass encoding.
1 => 1st pass of 2-pass encoding.
2 => 2nd pass of 2-pass encoding.*/
int twopass_state;
/*The log of the number of pixels in a frame in Q57 format.*/
int64_t log_npixels;
/*The target average bits per frame.*/
int64_t bits_per_frame;
/*The current bit reservoir fullness (bits available to be used).*/
int64_t reservoir_fullness;
/*The target buffer fullness.
This is where we'd like to be by the last keyframe the appears in the next
buf_delay frames.*/
int64_t reservoir_target;
/*The maximum buffer fullness (total size of the buffer).*/
int64_t reservoir_max;
/*The log of estimated scale factor for the rate model in Q57 format.*/
int64_t log_scale[OD_FRAME_NSUBTYPES];
/*The exponent used in the rate model in Q8 format.*/
unsigned exp[OD_FRAME_NSUBTYPES];
/*The log of an estimated scale factor used to obtain the real framerate, for
VFR sources or, e.g., 12 fps content doubled to 24 fps, etc.*/
int64_t log_drop_scale[OD_FRAME_NSUBTYPES];
/*The total drop count from the previous frame.*/
uint32_t prev_drop_count[OD_FRAME_NSUBTYPES];
/*Second-order lowpass filters to track scale and VFR/drops.*/
od_iir_bessel2 scalefilter[OD_FRAME_NSUBTYPES];
od_iir_bessel2 vfrfilter[OD_FRAME_NSUBTYPES];
int frame_count[OD_FRAME_NSUBTYPES];
int inter_p_delay;
int inter_delay_target;
/*The total accumulated estimation bias.*/
int64_t rate_bias;
} od_rc_state;
int od_enc_rc_init(od_rc_state *rc, int64_t bitrate, int delay_ms);
int od_enc_rc_select_quantizers_and_lambdas(od_rc_state *rc,
int is_golden_frame,
int is_altref_frame, int frame_type,
int *bottom_idx, int *top_idx);
/* Returns 1 if the frame should be dropped */
int od_enc_rc_update_state(od_rc_state *rc, int64_t bits, int is_golden_frame,
int is_altref_frame, int frame_type, int droppable);
int od_frame_type(od_rc_state *rc, int64_t coding_frame_count, int *is_golden,
int *is_altref, int64_t *ip_count);
int od_enc_rc_resize(od_rc_state *rc);
int od_enc_rc_2pass_out(od_rc_state *rc, struct aom_codec_pkt_list *pkt_list,
int summary);
int od_enc_rc_2pass_in(od_rc_state *rc);