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# Copyright (c) 2016, Alliance for Open Media. All rights reserved
# This source code is subject to the terms of the BSD 2 Clause License and the
# Alliance for Open Media Patent License 1.0. If the BSD 2 Clause License was
# not distributed with this source code in the LICENSE file, you can obtain it
# at If the Alliance for Open Media Patent
# License 1.0 was not distributed with this source code in the PATENTS file, you
# can obtain it at
# This file sets default values for libaom configuration variables. All libaom
# config variables are added to the CMake variable cache via the macros provided
# in util.cmake.
# The variables in this section of the file are detected at configuration time,
# but can be overridden via the use of CONFIG_* and ENABLE_* values also defined
# in this file.
set_aom_detect_var(INLINE "" "Sets INLINE value for current target.")
# CPUs.
set_aom_detect_var(ARCH_ARM 0 "Enables ARM architecture.")
set_aom_detect_var(ARCH_MIPS 0 "Enables MIPS architecture.")
set_aom_detect_var(ARCH_PPC 0 "Enables PPC architecture.")
set_aom_detect_var(ARCH_X86 0 "Enables X86 architecture.")
set_aom_detect_var(ARCH_X86_64 0 "Enables X86_64 architecture.")
# ARM feature flags.
set_aom_detect_var(HAVE_NEON 0 "Enables NEON intrinsics optimizations.")
# MIPS feature flags.
set_aom_detect_var(HAVE_DSPR2 0 "Enables DSPR2 optimizations.")
set_aom_detect_var(HAVE_MIPS32 0 "Enables MIPS32 optimizations.")
set_aom_detect_var(HAVE_MIPS64 0 "Enables MIPS64 optimizations. ")
set_aom_detect_var(HAVE_MSA 0 "Enables MSA optimizations.")
# PPC feature flags.
set_aom_detect_var(HAVE_VSX 0 "Enables VSX optimizations.")
# x86/x86_64 feature flags.
set_aom_detect_var(HAVE_AVX 0 "Enables AVX optimizations.")
set_aom_detect_var(HAVE_AVX2 0 "Enables AVX2 optimizations.")
set_aom_detect_var(HAVE_MMX 0 "Enables MMX optimizations. ")
set_aom_detect_var(HAVE_SSE 0 "Enables SSE optimizations.")
set_aom_detect_var(HAVE_SSE2 0 "Enables SSE2 optimizations.")
set_aom_detect_var(HAVE_SSE3 0 "Enables SSE3 optimizations.")
set_aom_detect_var(HAVE_SSE4_1 0 "Enables SSE 4.1 optimizations.")
set_aom_detect_var(HAVE_SSE4_2 0 "Enables SSE 4.2 optimizations.")
set_aom_detect_var(HAVE_SSSE3 0 "Enables SSSE3 optimizations.")
# Flags describing the build environment.
set_aom_detect_var(HAVE_FEXCEPT 0
"Internal flag, GNU fenv.h present for target.")
set_aom_detect_var(HAVE_PTHREAD_H 0 "Internal flag, target pthread support.")
set_aom_detect_var(HAVE_UNISTD_H 0
"Internal flag, unistd.h present for target.")
set_aom_detect_var(HAVE_WXWIDGETS 0 "WxWidgets present.")
# Variables in this section can be set from the CMake command line or from
# within the CMake GUI. The variables control libaom features.
# Build configuration flags.
set_aom_config_var(AOM_RTCD_FLAGS ""
"Arguments to pass to Separate with ';'")
set_aom_config_var(CONFIG_AV1_DECODER 1 "Enable AV1 decoder.")
set_aom_config_var(CONFIG_AV1_ENCODER 1 "Enable AV1 encoder.")
set_aom_config_var(CONFIG_BIG_ENDIAN 0 "Internal flag.")
"Enable frame parallelism during encode.")
set_aom_config_var(CONFIG_GCC 0 "Building with GCC (detect).")
set_aom_config_var(CONFIG_GCOV 0 "Enable gcov support.")
set_aom_config_var(CONFIG_GPROF 0 "Enable gprof support.")
set_aom_config_var(CONFIG_LIBYUV 1 "Enables libyuv scaling/conversion support.")
set_aom_config_var(CONFIG_MULTITHREAD 1 "Multithread support.")
set_aom_config_var(CONFIG_OS_SUPPORT 0 "Internal flag.")
set_aom_config_var(CONFIG_PIC 0 "Build with PIC enabled.")
set_aom_config_var(CONFIG_RUNTIME_CPU_DETECT 1 "Runtime CPU detection support.")
set_aom_config_var(CONFIG_SHARED 0 "Build shared libs.")
set_aom_config_var(CONFIG_WEBM_IO 1 "Enables WebM support.")
set_aom_config_var(CONFIG_REALTIME_ONLY 0
"Build for RTC-only. See aomcx.h for all disabled features.")
set_aom_config_var(CONFIG_AV1_HIGHBITDEPTH 1
"Build with high bitdepth support.")
set_aom_config_var(CONFIG_AV1_TEMPORAL_DENOISING 0
"Build with temporal denoising support.")
# Debugging flags.
set_aom_config_var(CONFIG_DEBUG 0 "Enable debug-only code.")
set_aom_config_var(CONFIG_MISMATCH_DEBUG 0 "Mismatch debugging flag.")
"Exclude mismatch in SIMD functions for testing/debugging.")
# AV1 feature flags.
set_aom_config_var(CONFIG_ACCOUNTING 0 "Enables bit accounting.")
set_aom_config_var(CONFIG_ANALYZER 0 "Enables bit stream analyzer.")
"Coefficient range check.")
set_aom_config_var(CONFIG_DENOISE 1
"Denoise/noise modeling support in encoder.")
set_aom_config_var(CONFIG_INSPECTION 0 "Enables bitstream inspection.")
set_aom_config_var(CONFIG_INTERNAL_STATS 0 "Enables internal encoder stats.")
"Force high bitdepth decoding pipeline on 8-bit input.")
set_aom_config_var(CONFIG_MAX_DECODE_PROFILE 2
"Max profile to support decoding.")
set_aom_config_var(CONFIG_NORMAL_TILE_MODE 0 "Only enables normal tile mode.")
set_aom_config_var(CONFIG_SIZE_LIMIT 0 "Limit max decode width/height.")
set_aom_config_var(CONFIG_SPATIAL_RESAMPLING 1 "Spatial resampling.")
set_aom_config_var(DECODE_HEIGHT_LIMIT 0 "Set limit for decode height.")
set_aom_config_var(DECODE_WIDTH_LIMIT 0 "Set limit for decode width.")
set_aom_config_var(CONFIG_TUNE_VMAF 0 "Enable encoding tuning for VMAF.")
set_aom_config_var(CONFIG_TUNE_BUTTERAUGLI 0
"Enable encoding tuning for Butteraugli.")
set_aom_config_var(STATIC_LINK_JXL 0 "Statically link the JPEG-XL library.")
# AV1 experiment flags.
set_aom_config_var(CONFIG_SPEED_STATS 0 "AV1 experiment flag.")
set_aom_config_var(CONFIG_COLLECT_RD_STATS 0 "AV1 experiment flag.")
set_aom_config_var(CONFIG_DIST_8X8 0 "AV1 experiment flag.")
set_aom_config_var(CONFIG_ENTROPY_STATS 0 "AV1 experiment flag.")
set_aom_config_var(CONFIG_INTER_STATS_ONLY 0 "AV1 experiment flag.")
set_aom_config_var(CONFIG_BITSTREAM_DEBUG 0
"AV1 experiment flag for bitstream debugging.")
set_aom_config_var(CONFIG_RD_DEBUG 0 "AV1 experiment flag.")
set_aom_config_var(CONFIG_SHARP_SETTINGS 0 "AV1 experiment flag.")
set_aom_config_var(CONFIG_DISABLE_FULL_PIXEL_SPLIT_8X8 1
"Disable full_pixel_motion_search_based_split on BLOCK_8X8.")
"Collect partition timing stats. Can be 1 or 2.")
"Collect encoding component timing information.")
set_aom_config_var(CONFIG_LPF_MASK 0
"Enable the use loop filter bitmasks for optimizations.")
set_aom_config_var(CONFIG_NN_V2 0 "Fully-connected neural nets ver.2.")
set_aom_config_var(CONFIG_OPTICAL_FLOW_API 0
"AV1 experiment flag for optical flow API.")
set_aom_config_var(CONFIG_RT_ML_PARTITIONING 0
"Build with ML-based partitioning for Real Time.")
"AV1 experiment with alternative partition search order.")
# Variables in this section control optional features of the build system.
set_aom_option_var(ENABLE_CCACHE "Enable ccache support." OFF)
set_aom_option_var(ENABLE_DECODE_PERF_TESTS "Enables decoder performance tests"
set_aom_option_var(ENABLE_DISTCC "Enable distcc support." OFF)
"Enable documentation generation (doxygen required)." ON)
set_aom_option_var(ENABLE_ENCODE_PERF_TESTS "Enables encoder performance tests"
set_aom_option_var(ENABLE_EXAMPLES "Enables build of example code." ON)
set_aom_option_var(ENABLE_GOMA "Enable goma support." OFF)
"Enables running tests within IDEs like Visual Studio and Xcode." OFF)
set_aom_option_var(ENABLE_NASM "Use nasm instead of yasm for x86 assembly." OFF)
set_aom_option_var(ENABLE_TESTDATA "Enables unit test data download targets."
set_aom_option_var(ENABLE_TESTS "Enables unit tests." ON)
set_aom_option_var(ENABLE_TOOLS "Enable applications in tools sub directory."
set_aom_option_var(ENABLE_WERROR "Converts warnings to errors at compile time."
# ARM assembly/intrinsics flags.
set_aom_option_var(ENABLE_NEON "Enables NEON optimizations on ARM targets." ON)
# MIPS assembly/intrinsics flags.
set_aom_option_var(ENABLE_DSPR2 "Enables DSPR2 optimizations on MIPS targets."
set_aom_option_var(ENABLE_MSA "Enables MSA optimizations on MIPS targets." OFF)
# VSX intrinsics flags.
set_aom_option_var(ENABLE_VSX "Enables VSX optimizations on PowerPC targets."
# x86/x86_64 assembly/intrinsics flags.
set_aom_option_var(ENABLE_MMX "Enables MMX optimizations on x86/x86_64 targets."
set_aom_option_var(ENABLE_SSE "Enables SSE optimizations on x86/x86_64 targets."
"Enables SSE2 optimizations on x86/x86_64 targets." ON)
"Enables SSE3 optimizations on x86/x86_64 targets." ON)
"Enables SSSE3 optimizations on x86/x86_64 targets." ON)
"Enables SSE4_1 optimizations on x86/x86_64 targets." ON)
"Enables SSE4_2 optimizations on x86/x86_64 targets." ON)
set_aom_option_var(ENABLE_AVX "Enables AVX optimizations on x86/x86_64 targets."
"Enables AVX2 optimizations on x86/x86_64 targets." ON)