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* Copyright (c) 2017, Alliance for Open Media. All rights reserved
* This source code is subject to the terms of the BSD 2 Clause License and
* the Alliance for Open Media Patent License 1.0. If the BSD 2 Clause License
* was not distributed with this source code in the LICENSE file, you can
* obtain it at If the Alliance for Open
* Media Patent License 1.0 was not distributed with this source code in the
* PATENTS file, you can obtain it at
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
#endif // __cplusplus
#include "av1/common/seg_common.h"
#include "av1/decoder/accounting.h"
#ifndef AOM_AOM_AOMDX_H_
typedef void (*aom_inspect_cb)(void *decoder, void *data);
typedef struct insp_mv insp_mv;
struct insp_mv {
int16_t row;
int16_t col;
typedef struct insp_mi_data insp_mi_data;
struct insp_mi_data {
insp_mv mv[2];
int16_t ref_frame[2];
int16_t mode;
int16_t uv_mode;
int16_t bsize;
int16_t skip;
int16_t segment_id;
int16_t dual_filter_type;
int16_t filter[2];
int16_t tx_type;
int16_t tx_size;
int16_t cdef_level;
int16_t cdef_strength;
int16_t cfl_alpha_idx;
int16_t cfl_alpha_sign;
int16_t current_qindex;
int16_t compound_type;
int16_t motion_mode;
int16_t intrabc;
int16_t palette;
int16_t uv_palette;
typedef struct insp_frame_data insp_frame_data;
struct insp_frame_data {
Accounting *accounting;
insp_mi_data *mi_grid;
int16_t frame_number;
int show_frame;
int frame_type;
int base_qindex;
int mi_rows;
int mi_cols;
int tile_mi_rows;
int tile_mi_cols;
int16_t y_dequant[MAX_SEGMENTS][2];
int16_t u_dequant[MAX_SEGMENTS][2];
int16_t v_dequant[MAX_SEGMENTS][2];
// TODO(negge): add per frame CDEF data
int delta_q_present_flag;
int delta_q_res;
int show_existing_frame;
void ifd_init(insp_frame_data *fd, int frame_width, int frame_height);
void ifd_clear(insp_frame_data *fd);
int ifd_inspect(insp_frame_data *fd, void *decoder, int skip_not_transform);
#ifdef __cplusplus
} // extern "C"
#endif // __cplusplus