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# This script will build dav1d for the default ABI targets supported by android.
# This script only works on linux. You must pass the path to the android NDK as
# a parameter to this script.
# Android NDK:
# The git tag below is known to work, and will occasionally be updated. Feel
# free to use a more recent commit.
set -e
if [ $# -ne 1 ]; then
echo "Usage: ${0} <path_to_android_ndk>"
exit 1
git clone -b 1.2.1 --depth 1
cd dav1d
mkdir build
cd build
# This only works on linux.
ABI_LIST=("armeabi-v7a" "arm64-v8a" "x86" "x86_64")
ARCH_LIST=("arm" "aarch64" "x86" "x86_64")
for i in "${!ABI_LIST[@]}"; do
mkdir "${abi}"
cd "${abi}"
PATH=$PATH:${android_bin} meson setup --default-library=static --buildtype release \
--cross-file="../../package/crossfiles/${ARCH_LIST[i]}-android.meson" \
-Denable_tools=false -Denable_tests=false ../..
PATH=$PATH:${android_bin} ninja
cd ..
cd ../..