% AVIFDEC(1) | General Commands Manual % % 2022-04-30


avifdec - decompress an AVIF file to an image file


avifdec [options] input.avif output.[jpg|jpeg|png|y4m]

avifdec --info input.avif


avifdec decompresses an AVIF file to an image file. Output format can be either JPEG, PNG or YUV4MPEG2 (Y4M).


-h, --help : Show syntax help.

-V, --version : Show the version number.

-j, --jobs J : Number of jobs (worker threads). 1 or less means single-threaded. Default is 1. Use all to use all available cores.

-c, --codec C : AV1 codec to use. Possible values depend on the codecs enabled at build time (see --help or --version for the available codecs). Default is auto-selected from the available codecs.

Possible values are:

:   - **aom**
    - **dav1d**
    - **libgav1**

-d, --depth D : Output PNG depth. Ignored when the output format is JPEG (always 8 bits per channel) or Y4M (input depth is retained).

Possible values are:

:   - **8**
    - **16**

-q, --quality Q : Output JPEG quality in the range 0-100. Default is 90. Ignored if the output format is not JPEG.

--png-compress L : Output PNG compression level in the range 0-9 (fastest to maximum compression). Default is libpng's built-in default. Ignored if the output format is not PNG.

-u, --upsampling U : Chroma upsampling method. Ignored unless the input format is 4:2:0 or 4:2:2.

Possible values are:

:   - **automatic** (default)
    - **fastest**
    - **best**
    - **nearest**
    - **bilinear**

-r, --raw-color : Output raw RGB values instead of multiplying by alpha when saving to opaque formats. This is available if the output format is JPEG, and not applicable to y4m.

--index I : When decoding an image sequence or progressive image, specify which frame index to decode. Default is 0.

--progressive : Enable progressive AVIF processing. If a progressive image is encountered and --progressive is passed, avifdec will use --index to choose which layer to decode (in progressive order).

--no-strict : Disable strict decoding, which disables strict validation checks and errors.

-i, --info : Decode all frames and display all image information instead of saving to disk.

--ignore-icc : If the input file contains an embedded ICC profile, ignore it (no-op if absent).

--size-limit C : Specifies the image size limit (in total pixels) that should be tolerated. Default is 268,435,456 pixels (16,384 by 16,384 pixels for a square image).

--dimension-limit C : Specifies the image dimension limit (width or height) that should be tolerated. Default is 32,768. Set it to 0 to ignore the limit.

-- : Signals the end of options. Everything after this is interpreted as file names.


Decompress an AVIF file to a PNG file: : $ avifdec input.avif output.png


Bugs can be reported on GitHub at: : https://github.com/AOMediaCodec/libavif/issues