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* Copyright (c) 2016, Alliance for Open Media. All rights reserved
* This source code is subject to the terms of the BSD 2 Clause License and
* the Alliance for Open Media Patent License 1.0. If the BSD 2 Clause License
* was not distributed with this source code in the LICENSE file, you can
* obtain it at If the Alliance for Open
* Media Patent License 1.0 was not distributed with this source code in the
* PATENTS file, you can obtain it at
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
#include "./aom_config.h"
struct AV1Common;
typedef struct TileInfo {
int mi_row_start, mi_row_end;
int mi_col_start, mi_col_end;
int tg_horz_boundary;
} TileInfo;
// initializes 'tile->mi_(row|col)_(start|end)' for (row, col) based on
// 'cm->log2_tile_(rows|cols)' & 'cm->mi_(rows|cols)'
void av1_tile_init(TileInfo *tile, const struct AV1Common *cm, int row,
int col);
void av1_tile_set_row(TileInfo *tile, const struct AV1Common *cm, int row);
void av1_tile_set_col(TileInfo *tile, const struct AV1Common *cm, int col);
void av1_tile_set_tg_boundary(TileInfo *tile, const struct AV1Common *const cm,
int row, int col);
void av1_get_tile_n_bits(int mi_cols, int *min_log2_tile_cols,
int *max_log2_tile_cols);
void av1_setup_frame_boundary_info(const struct AV1Common *const cm);
// Calculate the correct tile size (width or height) for (1 << log2_tile_num)
// tiles horizontally or vertically in the frame.
int get_tile_size(int mi_frame_size, int log2_tile_num, int *ntiles);
typedef struct { int left, top, right, bottom; } AV1PixelRect;
// Return the pixel extents of the given tile
AV1PixelRect av1_get_tile_rect(const TileInfo *tile_info,
const struct AV1Common *cm, int is_uv);
void av1_setup_across_tile_boundary_info(const struct AV1Common *const cm,
const TileInfo *const tile_info);
int av1_disable_loopfilter_on_tile_boundary(const struct AV1Common *cm);
// Define tile maximum width and area
// There is no maximum height since height is limited by area and width limits
// The minimum tile width or height is fixed at one superblock
#define MAX_TILE_WIDTH (4096) // Max Tile width in pixels
#define MAX_TILE_AREA (4096 * 2304) // Maximum tile area in pixels
void av1_get_tile_limits(struct AV1Common *const cm);
void av1_calculate_tile_cols(struct AV1Common *const cm);
void av1_calculate_tile_rows(struct AV1Common *const cm);
#ifdef __cplusplus
} // extern "C"