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2021-10-13 v3.2.0
This release includes compression efficiency and perceptual quality
improvements, speedup and memory optimizations, as well as some new
- New Features
* Introduced speeds 7, 8, and 9 for all intra mode.
* Introduced speed 10 for real time mode.
* Introduced an API that allows external partition decisions.
* SVC: added support for compound prediction.
* SVC: added support for fixed SVC modes.
- Compression Efficiency Improvements
* Intra-mode search improvement.
* Improved real time (RT) mode BDrate savings by ~5% (RT speed 5)
and ~12% (RT speed 6). The improvement was measured on the video
conference set.
* Improved real time mode for nonrd path (speed 7, 8, 9): BDrate
gains of ~3-5%.
* Rate control and RD adjustments based on ML research in VP9.
Gains of ~0.5-1.0% for HD.
- Perceptual Quality Improvements
* Added a new mode --deltaq-mode=3 to improve perceptual quality
based on a differential contrast model for still images.
* Added a new mode –deltaq-mode=4 to improve perceptual quality
based on user rated cq_level data set for still images.
* Weighting of some intra mode and partition size choices to better
manage and retain texture.
- Speedup and Memory Optimizations
* Further improved 2-pass good quality encoder speed:
o Speed 2 speedup: 18%
o Speed 3 speedup: 22%
o Speed 4 speedup: 37%
o Speed 5 speedup: 30%
o Speed 6 speedup: 20%
* Optimized the real time encoder (measured on the video conference
o RT speed 5 speedup: 110%
o RT speed 6 speedup: 77%
- Bug Fixes
* Issue 3069: Fix one-pass mode keyframe placement off-by-one error.
* Issue 3156: Fix a bug in av1_quantize_lp AVX2 optimization.
2021-09-29 v3.1.3
This release includes several bug fixes.
- Bug fixes:
The following four cmake changes should help the people building
libaom using MSVC.
1. exports: use CMAKE_SHARED_LIBRARY_PREFIX to determine lib name
2. aom_install: Install lib dlls to bindir
3. aom_install: use relpath for install
4. aom_install: don't exclude msvc from install
aom/aom_encoder.h: remove configure option reference
Issue 3113: Tests for detecting chroma subsampling in
av1_copy_and_extend_frame() do not work when y_width or y_height is
Issue 3115: image2yuvconfig() should calculate uv_crop_width and
uv_crop_height from y_crop_width and y_crop_height
Issue 3140: rc_overshoot_pct is documented as having a range of
0-1000, but is range checked against 0-100
Issue 3147: Build failure on Apple M1 arm64
2021-07-20 v3.1.2
This release includes several bug fixes.
- Bug fixes:
exports.cmake: use APPLE and WIN32 and use def for mingw-w64
Issue 2993: Incorrect spatial_id when decoding base layer of
multi-layer stream
Issue 3080: Chroma Resampling by Encoder on Y4M Inputs Files Tagged
as C420mpeg2
Issue 3081: Use of uninitialized value $version_extra in
concatenation (.) or string at aom/build/cmake/ line 88.
2021-06-08 v3.1.1
This release includes several bug fixes.
- Bug fixes:
Issue 2965: Cherry-picked the following four commits for the
tune=butteraugli mode.
1. Add libjxl to pkg_config if enabled:
2. Declare set_mb_butteraugli_rdmult_scaling static:
3. Add color range detection in tune=butteraugli mode:
4. Enable tune=butteraugli in all-intra mode:
Issue 3021: Fix vmaf model initialization error when not set to
Issue 3050: Compilation fails with -DCONFIG_TUNE_VMAF=1
Issue 3054: Consistent crash on near-static screen content, keyframe
2021-05-03 v3.1.0
This release adds an "all intra" mode to the encoder, which significantly
speeds up the encoding of AVIF still images at speed 6.
- Upgrading:
All intra mode for encoding AVIF still images and AV1 all intra videos:
AOM_USAGE_ALL_INTRA (2) can be passed as the 'usage' argument to
New encoder control IDs added:
- AV1E_SET_ENABLE_DIAGONAL_INTRA: Enable diagonal (D45 to D203) intra
prediction modes (0: false, 1: true (default)). Also available as
"enable-diagonal-intra" for the aom_codec_set_option() function.
New aom_tune_metric enum value: AOM_TUNE_BUTTERAUGLI. The new aomenc option
--tune=butteraugli was added to optimize the encoder’s perceptual quality by
optimizing the Butteraugli metric. Install libjxl (JPEG XL) and then pass
-DCONFIG_TUNE_BUTTERAUGLI=1 to the cmake command to enable it.
Addition of support for libvmaf 2.x.
- Enhancements:
Heap memory consumption for encoding AVIF still images is significantly
- Bug fixes:
Issue 2601: third_party/libaom fails licensecheck
Issue 2950: Conditional expression for rc->this_key_frame_forced is always
true in find_next_key_frame()
Issue 2988: "make install" installs the aom.h header twice
Issue 2992: Incorrectly printing the temporal_id twice in dump_obu tool
Issue 2998:
Issue 2999:
Issue 3000:
2021-02-24 v3.0.0
This release includes compression efficiency improvement, speed improvement
for realtime mode, as well as some new APIs.
- Upgrading:
Support for PSNR calculation based on stream bit-depth.
New encoder control IDs added:
New decoder control IDs added:
New aom_tune_content enum value: AOM_CONTENT_FILM
New aom_tune_metric enum value: AOM_TUNE_VMAF_NEG_MAX_GAIN
Coefficient and mode update can be turned off via
New key & value API added, available with aom_codec_set_option() function.
Scaling API expanded to include 1/4, 3/4 and 1/8.
- Enhancements:
Better multithreading performance with realtime mode.
New speed 9 setting for faster realtime encoding.
Smaller binary size with low bitdepth and realtime only build.
Temporal denoiser and its optimizations on x86 and Neon.
Optimizations for scaling.
Faster encoding with speed settings 2 to 6 for good encoding mode.
Improved documentation throughout the library, with function level
documentation, tree view and support for the dot tool.
- Bug fixes:
Aside from those mentioned in v2.0.1 and v2.0.2, this release includes the
following bug fixes:
Issue 2940: Segfault when encoding with --use-16bit-internal and --limit > 1
Issue 2941: Decoder mismatch with --rt --bit-depth=10 and --cpu-used=8
Issue 2895: mingw-w64 i686 gcc fails to build
Issue 2874: Separate ssse3 functions from sse2 file.
2021-02-09 v2.0.2
This release includes several bug fixes.
- Bug fixes:
Issue 2643: Modify the assertion in temporal filter intrinsics.
Issue 2648: Fix unit test ThreadTestLarge.EncoderResultTest/49
assertion failure.
Issue 2869: Add -Wimplicit-function-declaration as C flag only.
Issue 2878: Avoid memset in the av1_filter_intra_predictor module
Issue 2903: Fix a typo bug in apply_temporal_filter_planewise.
Call av1_setup_frame_size() when dropping a frame in the
encode_frame_to_data_rate() function in av1/encoder/encoder.c.
2020-11-25 v2.0.1
This release includes two bug fixes.
- Bug fixes:
Issue 2723: Fix crash in chroma_check() when generating a monochrome
encoded stream in real-time mode.
Issue 2833: Fix crash on some input when reduced still picture header is
used in real-time mode and speed >=7.
2020-05-07 v2.0.0 "Applejack"
First official release of libaom.
This release includes new real-time mode and SVC support.
- Upgrading:
AOM_SET_DBG_* is removed.
Multi-resolution encoding is removed.
put_frame and put_slice callbacks are removed.
- Enhancements:
Full-sweep document update for codec controls.
2018-06-28 v1.0.0
AOMedia Codec Workgroup Approved version 1.0
2016-04-07 v0.1.0 "AOMedia Codec 1"
This release is the first Alliance for Open Media codec.