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* Copyright (c) 2016, Alliance for Open Media. All rights reserved
* This source code is subject to the terms of the BSD 2 Clause License and
* the Alliance for Open Media Patent License 1.0. If the BSD 2 Clause License
* was not distributed with this source code in the LICENSE file, you can
* obtain it at If the Alliance for Open
* Media Patent License 1.0 was not distributed with this source code in the
* PATENTS file, you can obtain it at
#include "aom/aom_codec.h"
#include "aom/aom_integer.h"
#include "aom_ports/mem.h"
#include "av1/common/blockd.h"
#include "av1/common/onyxc_int.h"
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
// Bits Per MB at different Q (Multiplied by 512)
// Threshold used to define if a KF group is static (e.g. a slide show).
// Essentially, this means that no frame in the group has more than 1% of MBs
// that are not marked as coded with 0,0 motion in the first pass.
// The maximum duration of a GF group that is static (e.g. a slide show).
// Minimum and maximum height for the new pyramid structure.
// (Old structure supports height = 1, but does NOT support height = 4).
#define MAX_GF_INTERVAL 16
#define FIXED_GF_INTERVAL 8 // Used in some testing modes only
typedef struct {
int resize_width;
int resize_height;
uint8_t superres_denom;
} size_params_type;
enum {
typedef struct {
// Rate targetting variables
int base_frame_target; // A baseline frame target before adjustment
// for previous under or over shoot.
int this_frame_target; // Actual frame target after rc adjustment.
int projected_frame_size;
int sb64_target_rate;
int last_q[FRAME_TYPES]; // Separate values for Intra/Inter
int last_boosted_qindex; // Last boosted GF/KF/ARF q
int last_kf_qindex; // Q index of the last key frame coded.
int gfu_boost;
int kf_boost;
double rate_correction_factors[RATE_FACTOR_LEVELS];
int frames_since_golden;
int frames_till_gf_update_due;
int min_gf_interval;
int max_gf_interval;
int static_scene_max_gf_interval;
int baseline_gf_interval;
int constrained_gf_group;
int frames_to_key;
int frames_since_key;
int this_key_frame_forced;
int next_key_frame_forced;
int source_alt_ref_pending;
int source_alt_ref_active;
int is_src_frame_alt_ref;
int is_src_frame_internal_arf;
int sframe_due;
int avg_frame_bandwidth; // Average frame size target for clip
int min_frame_bandwidth; // Minimum allocation used for any frame
int max_frame_bandwidth; // Maximum burst rate allowed for a frame.
int ni_av_qi;
int ni_tot_qi;
int ni_frames;
int avg_frame_qindex[FRAME_TYPES];
double tot_q;
double avg_q;
int64_t buffer_level;
int64_t bits_off_target;
int64_t vbr_bits_off_target;
int64_t vbr_bits_off_target_fast;
int decimation_factor;
int decimation_count;
int rolling_target_bits;
int rolling_actual_bits;
int long_rolling_target_bits;
int long_rolling_actual_bits;
int rate_error_estimate;
int64_t total_actual_bits;
int64_t total_target_bits;
int64_t total_target_vs_actual;
int worst_quality;
int best_quality;
int64_t starting_buffer_level;
int64_t optimal_buffer_level;
int64_t maximum_buffer_size;
// rate control history for last frame(1) and the frame before(2).
// -1: undershot
// 1: overshoot
// 0: not initialized.
int rc_1_frame;
int rc_2_frame;
int q_1_frame;
int q_2_frame;
float_t arf_boost_factor;
// Q index used for ALT frame
int arf_q;
struct AV1_COMP;
struct AV1EncoderConfig;
void av1_rc_init(const struct AV1EncoderConfig *oxcf, int pass,
int av1_estimate_bits_at_q(FRAME_TYPE frame_kind, int q, int mbs,
double correction_factor, aom_bit_depth_t bit_depth);
double av1_convert_qindex_to_q(int qindex, aom_bit_depth_t bit_depth);
void av1_rc_init_minq_luts(void);
int av1_rc_get_default_min_gf_interval(int width, int height, double framerate);
// Note av1_rc_get_default_max_gf_interval() requires the min_gf_interval to
// be passed in to ensure that the max_gf_interval returned is at least as bis
// as that.
int av1_rc_get_default_max_gf_interval(double framerate, int min_gf_interval);
// Generally at the high level, the following flow is expected
// to be enforced for rate control:
// First call per frame, one of:
// av1_rc_get_one_pass_vbr_params()
// av1_rc_get_one_pass_cbr_params()
// av1_rc_get_first_pass_params()
// av1_rc_get_second_pass_params()
// depending on the usage to set the rate control encode parameters desired.
// Then, call encode_frame_to_data_rate() to perform the
// actual encode. This function will in turn call encode_frame()
// one or more times, followed by one of:
// av1_rc_postencode_update()
// av1_rc_postencode_update_drop_frame()
// The majority of rate control parameters are only expected
// to be set in the av1_rc_get_..._params() functions and
// updated during the av1_rc_postencode_update...() functions.
// The only exceptions are av1_rc_drop_frame() and
// av1_rc_update_rate_correction_factors() functions.
// Functions to set parameters for encoding before the actual
// encode_frame_to_data_rate() function.
struct EncodeFrameParams;
void av1_rc_get_one_pass_vbr_params(
struct AV1_COMP *cpi, uint8_t *const frame_update_type,
struct EncodeFrameParams *const frame_params, unsigned int frame_flags);
void av1_rc_get_one_pass_cbr_params(
struct AV1_COMP *cpi, uint8_t *const frame_update_type,
struct EncodeFrameParams *const frame_params, unsigned int frame_flags);
// Post encode update of the rate control parameters based
// on bytes used
void av1_rc_postencode_update(struct AV1_COMP *cpi, uint64_t bytes_used);
// Post encode update of the rate control parameters for dropped frames
void av1_rc_postencode_update_drop_frame(struct AV1_COMP *cpi);
// Updates rate correction factors
// Changes only the rate correction factors in the rate control structure.
void av1_rc_update_rate_correction_factors(struct AV1_COMP *cpi, int width,
int height);
// Decide if we should drop this frame: For 1-pass CBR.
// Changes only the decimation count in the rate control structure
int av1_rc_drop_frame(struct AV1_COMP *cpi);
// Computes frame size bounds.
void av1_rc_compute_frame_size_bounds(const struct AV1_COMP *cpi,
int this_frame_target,
int *frame_under_shoot_limit,
int *frame_over_shoot_limit);
// Picks q and q bounds given the target for bits
int av1_rc_pick_q_and_bounds(struct AV1_COMP *cpi, int width, int height,
int *bottom_index, int *top_index);
// Estimates q to achieve a target bits per frame
int av1_rc_regulate_q(const struct AV1_COMP *cpi, int target_bits_per_frame,
int active_best_quality, int active_worst_quality,
int width, int height);
// Estimates bits per mb for a given qindex and correction factor.
int av1_rc_bits_per_mb(FRAME_TYPE frame_type, int qindex,
double correction_factor, aom_bit_depth_t bit_depth);
// Clamping utilities for bitrate targets for iframes and pframes.
int av1_rc_clamp_iframe_target_size(const struct AV1_COMP *const cpi,
int target);
int av1_rc_clamp_pframe_target_size(const struct AV1_COMP *const cpi,
int target, uint8_t frame_update_type);
// Find q_index corresponding to desired_q, within [best_qindex, worst_qindex].
// To be precise, 'q_index' is the smallest integer, for which the corresponding
// q >= desired_q.
// If no such q index is found, returns 'worst_qindex'.
int av1_find_qindex(double desired_q, aom_bit_depth_t bit_depth,
int best_qindex, int worst_qindex);
// Computes a q delta (in "q index" terms) to get from a starting q value
// to a target q value
int av1_compute_qdelta(const RATE_CONTROL *rc, double qstart, double qtarget,
aom_bit_depth_t bit_depth);
// Computes a q delta (in "q index" terms) to get from a starting q value
// to a value that should equate to the given rate ratio.
int av1_compute_qdelta_by_rate(const RATE_CONTROL *rc, FRAME_TYPE frame_type,
int qindex, double rate_target_ratio,
aom_bit_depth_t bit_depth);
int av1_frame_type_qdelta(const struct AV1_COMP *cpi, int q);
void av1_rc_update_framerate(struct AV1_COMP *cpi, int width, int height);
void av1_rc_set_gf_interval_range(const struct AV1_COMP *const cpi,
RATE_CONTROL *const rc);
void av1_set_target_rate(struct AV1_COMP *cpi, int width, int height);
int av1_resize_one_pass_cbr(struct AV1_COMP *cpi);
#ifdef __cplusplus
} // extern "C"