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* Copyright (c) 2023, Alliance for Open Media. All rights reserved
* This source code is subject to the terms of the BSD 2 Clause License and
* the Alliance for Open Media Patent License 1.0. If the BSD 2 Clause License
* was not distributed with this source code in the LICENSE file, you can
* obtain it at If the Alliance for Open
* Media Patent License 1.0 was not distributed with this source code in the
* PATENTS file, you can obtain it at
#include <arm_neon.h>
#include "aom_dsp/blend.h"
static INLINE uint8x16_t alpha_blend_a64_u8x16(uint8x16_t m, uint8x16_t a,
uint8x16_t b) {
const uint8x16_t m_inv = vsubq_u8(vdupq_n_u8(AOM_BLEND_A64_MAX_ALPHA), m);
uint16x8_t blend_u16_lo = vmull_u8(vget_low_u8(m), vget_low_u8(a));
uint16x8_t blend_u16_hi = vmull_u8(vget_high_u8(m), vget_high_u8(a));
blend_u16_lo = vmlal_u8(blend_u16_lo, vget_low_u8(m_inv), vget_low_u8(b));
blend_u16_hi = vmlal_u8(blend_u16_hi, vget_high_u8(m_inv), vget_high_u8(b));
uint8x8_t blend_u8_lo = vrshrn_n_u16(blend_u16_lo, AOM_BLEND_A64_ROUND_BITS);
uint8x8_t blend_u8_hi = vrshrn_n_u16(blend_u16_hi, AOM_BLEND_A64_ROUND_BITS);
return vcombine_u8(blend_u8_lo, blend_u8_hi);
static INLINE uint8x8_t alpha_blend_a64_u8x8(uint8x8_t m, uint8x8_t a,
uint8x8_t b) {
const uint8x8_t m_inv = vsub_u8(vdup_n_u8(AOM_BLEND_A64_MAX_ALPHA), m);
uint16x8_t blend_u16 = vmull_u8(m, a);
blend_u16 = vmlal_u8(blend_u16, m_inv, b);
return vrshrn_n_u16(blend_u16, AOM_BLEND_A64_ROUND_BITS);
static INLINE uint16x8_t alpha_blend_a64_u16x8(uint16x8_t m, uint16x8_t a,
uint16x8_t b) {
uint16x8_t m_inv = vsubq_u16(vdupq_n_u16(AOM_BLEND_A64_MAX_ALPHA), m);
uint32x4_t blend_u32_lo = vmull_u16(vget_low_u16(a), vget_low_u16(m));
uint32x4_t blend_u32_hi = vmull_u16(vget_high_u16(a), vget_high_u16(m));
blend_u32_lo = vmlal_u16(blend_u32_lo, vget_low_u16(b), vget_low_u16(m_inv));
blend_u32_hi =
vmlal_u16(blend_u32_hi, vget_high_u16(b), vget_high_u16(m_inv));
uint16x4_t blend_u16_lo =
vrshrn_n_u32(blend_u32_lo, AOM_BLEND_A64_ROUND_BITS);
uint16x4_t blend_u16_hi =
vrshrn_n_u32(blend_u32_hi, AOM_BLEND_A64_ROUND_BITS);
return vcombine_u16(blend_u16_lo, blend_u16_hi);
static INLINE uint16x4_t alpha_blend_a64_u16x4(uint16x4_t m, uint16x4_t a,
uint16x4_t b) {
const uint16x4_t m_inv = vsub_u16(vdup_n_u16(AOM_BLEND_A64_MAX_ALPHA), m);
uint32x4_t blend_u16 = vmull_u16(m, a);
blend_u16 = vmlal_u16(blend_u16, m_inv, b);
return vrshrn_n_u32(blend_u16, AOM_BLEND_A64_ROUND_BITS);
static INLINE uint8x8_t avg_blend_u8x8(uint8x8_t a, uint8x8_t b) {
return vrhadd_u8(a, b);
static INLINE uint8x16_t avg_blend_u8x16(uint8x16_t a, uint8x16_t b) {
return vrhaddq_u8(a, b);
static INLINE uint8x8_t avg_blend_pairwise_u8x8(uint8x8_t a, uint8x8_t b) {
return vrshr_n_u8(vpadd_u8(a, b), 1);
static INLINE uint8x16_t avg_blend_pairwise_u8x16(uint8x16_t a, uint8x16_t b) {
return vrshrq_n_u8(vpaddq_u8(a, b), 1);
uint8x8_t sum_pairwise_a = vpadd_u8(vget_low_u8(a), vget_high_u8(a));
uint8x8_t sum_pairwise_b = vpadd_u8(vget_low_u8(b), vget_high_u8(b));
return vrshrq_n_u8(vcombine_u8(sum_pairwise_a, sum_pairwise_b), 1);
#endif // AOM_ARCH_AARCH64
static INLINE uint8x8_t avg_blend_pairwise_u8x8_4(uint8x8_t a, uint8x8_t b,
uint8x8_t c, uint8x8_t d) {
uint8x8_t a_c = vpadd_u8(a, c);
uint8x8_t b_d = vpadd_u8(b, d);
return vrshr_n_u8(vqadd_u8(a_c, b_d), 2);
static INLINE uint8x16_t avg_blend_pairwise_u8x16_4(uint8x16_t a, uint8x16_t b,
uint8x16_t c,
uint8x16_t d) {
uint8x16_t a_c = vpaddq_u8(a, c);
uint8x16_t b_d = vpaddq_u8(b, d);
return vrshrq_n_u8(vqaddq_u8(a_c, b_d), 2);
uint8x8_t sum_pairwise_a = vpadd_u8(vget_low_u8(a), vget_high_u8(a));
uint8x8_t sum_pairwise_b = vpadd_u8(vget_low_u8(b), vget_high_u8(b));
uint8x8_t sum_pairwise_c = vpadd_u8(vget_low_u8(c), vget_high_u8(c));
uint8x8_t sum_pairwise_d = vpadd_u8(vget_low_u8(d), vget_high_u8(d));
uint8x16_t a_c = vcombine_u8(sum_pairwise_a, sum_pairwise_c);
uint8x16_t b_d = vcombine_u8(sum_pairwise_b, sum_pairwise_d);
return vrshrq_n_u8(vqaddq_u8(a_c, b_d), 2);
#endif // AOM_ARCH_AARCH64