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/*! \page usage_decode Decoding
The aom_codec_decode() function is at the core of the decode loop. It
processes packets of compressed data passed by the application, producing
decoded images. The decoder expects packets to comprise exactly one image
frame of data. Packets \ref MUST be passed in decode order. If the
application wishes to associate some data with the frame, the
<code>user_priv</code> member may be set.
\ref samples
\section usage_frame_iter Frame Iterator Based Decoding
Decoded frames are made available to the application
through the aom_codec_get_frame() iterator. The application initializes the
iterator storage (of type #aom_codec_iter_t) to NULL, then calls
aom_codec_get_frame repeatedly until it returns NULL, indicating that all
images have been returned. This process may result in zero, one, or many
frames that are ready for display, depending on the codec.