aom_frame_buffer.h: fix param name mismatch in doc

for aom_get_frame_buffer_cb_fn_t; fixes a doxygen warning

previously in libvpx:
ddf40ec15 Fix doc comment mismatch in vpx_frame_buffer.h

Change-Id: I894f22dae166e984ad4b668c0d18044497e4842c
(cherry picked from commit b666bdeebe37bbb007c45ea0fe8949cc2862e797)
diff --git a/aom/aom_frame_buffer.h b/aom/aom_frame_buffer.h
index a715645..0e80373 100644
--- a/aom/aom_frame_buffer.h
+++ b/aom/aom_frame_buffer.h
@@ -58,7 +58,7 @@
  * must return 0. Any failure the callback must return a value less than 0.
  * \param[in] priv         Callback's private data
- * \param[in] new_size     Size in bytes needed by the buffer
+ * \param[in] min_size     Size in bytes needed by the buffer
  * \param[in,out] fb       Pointer to aom_codec_frame_buffer_t
 typedef int (*aom_get_frame_buffer_cb_fn_t)(void *priv, size_t min_size,