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2021-02-09 v2.0.2
This release includes several bug fixes.
- Bug fixes:
Issue 2643: Modify the assertion in temporal filter intrinsics.
Issue 2648: Fix unit test ThreadTestLarge.EncoderResultTest/49
assertion failure.
Issue 2869: Add -Wimplicit-function-declaration as C flag only.
Issue 2878: Avoid memset in the av1_filter_intra_predictor module
Issue 2903: Fix a typo bug in apply_temporal_filter_planewise.
Call av1_setup_frame_size() when dropping a frame in the
encode_frame_to_data_rate() function in av1/encoder/encoder.c.
2020-11-25 v2.0.1
This release includes two bug fixes.
- Bug fixes:
Issue 2723: Fix crash in chroma_check() when generating a monochrome
encoded stream in real-time mode.
Issue 2833: Fix crash on some input when reduced still picture header is
used in real-time mode and speed >=7.
2020-05-07 v2.0.0 "Applejack"
First official release of libaom.
This release includes new real-time mode and SVC support.
- Upgrading:
AOM_SET_DBG_* is removed.
Multi-resolution encoding is removed.
put_frame and put_slice callbacks are removed.
- Enhancements:
Full-sweep document update for codec controls.
2018-06-28 v1.0.0
AOMedia Codec Workgroup Approved version 1.0
2016-04-07 v0.1.0 "AOMedia Codec 1"
This release is the first Alliance for Open Media codec.