fix bug in CTC script

1. add missing config file path in downscaling call
2. add missing VBA macro binary for bdrate calculation
3. hard code the frame rate to be 30 fps at the upscaling stage for now

Change-Id: I205f8385e1747fed0c7c917656b6088acb12864b
diff --git a/tools/convexhull_framework/bin/vbaProject-AV2.bin b/tools/convexhull_framework/bin/vbaProject-AV2.bin
index 989c4ac..5015c6f 100644
--- a/tools/convexhull_framework/bin/vbaProject-AV2.bin
+++ b/tools/convexhull_framework/bin/vbaProject-AV2.bin
Binary files differ
diff --git a/tools/convexhull_framework/src/ b/tools/convexhull_framework/src/
index ffaa684..8c5feef 100644
--- a/tools/convexhull_framework/src/
+++ b/tools/convexhull_framework/src/
@@ -236,7 +236,7 @@
                                          Path_DnScaleYuv, dnScalAlgo)
         if not os.path.isfile(dnscalyuv):
             dnscalyuv = DownScaling(clip, FrameNum['AS'], DnScaledW, DnScaledH,
-                                    Path_DnScaleYuv, dnScalAlgo, LogCmdOnly)
+                                    Path_DnScaleYuv, Path_CfgFiles, dnScalAlgo, LogCmdOnly)
         ds_clip = Clip(GetShortContentName(dnscalyuv, False)+'.y4m', dnscalyuv,
                        "", DnScaledW, DnScaledH, clip.fmt, clip.fps_num,
                        clip.fps_denom, clip.bit_depth)
diff --git a/tools/convexhull_framework/src/ b/tools/convexhull_framework/src/
index 9d0ddbe..00e7cc2 100644
--- a/tools/convexhull_framework/src/
+++ b/tools/convexhull_framework/src/
@@ -74,9 +74,11 @@"start decode file %s" % os.path.basename(bsFile))
     decodedYUV = Decode(codec, bsFile, path_decoded, path_perf, LogCmdOnly)"start upscale file %s" % os.path.basename(decodedYUV))
+    #hard code frame rate to 30fps to match with decoder output for now.
+    #TODO: change to real frame rate after decoder fix the issue
     dec_clip = Clip(GetShortContentName(decodedYUV, False) + '.y4m',
                     decodedYUV, clip.file_class, clip.width, clip.height,
-                    clip.fmt, clip.fps_num, clip.fps_denom, clip.bit_depth)
+                    clip.fmt, 30, 1, clip.bit_depth)
     upscaledYUV = UpScaling(dec_clip, num, outw, outh, path_upscaled, path_cfg,
                             upscale_algo, LogCmdOnly)"finish Run Encode, Decode and Upscale")