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* Copyright (c) 2021, Alliance for Open Media. All rights reserved
* This source code is subject to the terms of the BSD 3-Clause Clear License
* and the Alliance for Open Media Patent License 1.0. If the BSD 3-Clause Clear
* License was not distributed with this source code in the LICENSE file, you
* can obtain it at If the
* Alliance for Open Media Patent License 1.0 was not distributed with this
* source code in the PATENTS file, you can obtain it at
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#ifdef _MSC_VER
#include <math.h>
#include "config/av1_rtcd.h"
#include "third_party/googletest/src/googletest/include/gtest/gtest.h"
#include "test/acm_random.h"
#include "av1/common/av1_txfm.h"
#include "av1/common/blockd.h"
#include "av1/common/enums.h"
namespace libaom_test {
enum {
int get_txfm1d_size(TX_SIZE tx_size);
void get_txfm1d_type(TX_TYPE txfm2d_type, TYPE_TXFM *type0, TYPE_TXFM *type1);
void reference_dct_1d(const double *in, double *out, int size);
void reference_idct_1d(const double *in, double *out, int size);
void reference_adst_1d(const double *in, double *out, int size);
void reference_hybrid_1d(double *in, double *out, int size, int type);
double get_amplification_factor(TX_TYPE tx_type, TX_SIZE tx_size);
void reference_hybrid_2d(double *in, double *out, TX_TYPE tx_type,
TX_SIZE tx_size);
template <typename Type1, typename Type2>
static double compute_avg_abs_error(const Type1 *a, const Type2 *b,
const int size) {
double error = 0;
for (int i = 0; i < size; i++) {
error += fabs(static_cast<double>(a[i]) - static_cast<double>(b[i]));
error = error / size;
return error;
template <typename Type>
void fliplr(Type *dest, int width, int height, int stride);
template <typename Type>
void flipud(Type *dest, int width, int height, int stride);
template <typename Type>
void fliplrud(Type *dest, int width, int height, int stride);
typedef void (*TxfmFunc)(const int32_t *in, int32_t *out, const int8_t cos_bit,
const int8_t *range_bit);
typedef void (*InvTxfm2dFunc)(const int32_t *, uint16_t *, int, TX_TYPE, int);
typedef void (*LbdInvTxfm2dFunc)(const int32_t *, uint8_t *, int, TX_TYPE,
TX_SIZE, int);
static const int bd = 10;
static const int input_base = (1 << bd);
static INLINE bool IsTxSizeTypeValid(TX_SIZE tx_size, TX_TYPE tx_type) {
const TX_SIZE tx_size_sqr_up = txsize_sqr_up_map[tx_size];
TxSetType tx_set_type;
if (tx_size_sqr_up > TX_32X32) {
tx_set_type = EXT_TX_SET_DCTONLY;
} else if (tx_size_sqr_up == TX_32X32) {
tx_set_type = EXT_TX_SET_DCT_IDTX;
} else {
tx_set_type = EXT_TX_SET_ALL16;
return av1_ext_tx_used[tx_set_type][tx_type] != 0;
static const FwdTxfm2dFunc fwd_txfm_func_ls[TX_SIZES_ALL] = {
av1_fwd_txfm2d_4x4_c, av1_fwd_txfm2d_8x8_c, av1_fwd_txfm2d_16x16_c,
av1_fwd_txfm2d_32x32_c, av1_fwd_txfm2d_64x64_c, av1_fwd_txfm2d_4x8_c,
av1_fwd_txfm2d_8x4_c, av1_fwd_txfm2d_8x16_c, av1_fwd_txfm2d_16x8_c,
av1_fwd_txfm2d_16x32_c, av1_fwd_txfm2d_32x16_c, av1_fwd_txfm2d_32x64_c,
av1_fwd_txfm2d_64x32_c, av1_fwd_txfm2d_4x16_c, av1_fwd_txfm2d_16x4_c,
av1_fwd_txfm2d_8x32_c, av1_fwd_txfm2d_32x8_c, av1_fwd_txfm2d_16x64_c,
static const InvTxfm2dFunc inv_txfm_func_ls[TX_SIZES_ALL] = {
av1_inv_txfm2d_add_4x4_c, av1_inv_txfm2d_add_8x8_c,
av1_inv_txfm2d_add_16x16_c, av1_inv_txfm2d_add_32x32_c,
av1_inv_txfm2d_add_64x64_c, av1_inv_txfm2d_add_4x8_c,
av1_inv_txfm2d_add_8x4_c, av1_inv_txfm2d_add_8x16_c,
av1_inv_txfm2d_add_16x8_c, av1_inv_txfm2d_add_16x32_c,
av1_inv_txfm2d_add_32x16_c, av1_inv_txfm2d_add_32x64_c,
av1_inv_txfm2d_add_64x32_c, av1_inv_txfm2d_add_4x16_c,
av1_inv_txfm2d_add_16x4_c, av1_inv_txfm2d_add_8x32_c,
av1_inv_txfm2d_add_32x8_c, av1_inv_txfm2d_add_16x64_c,
#define BD_NUM 3
extern int bd_arr[];
extern int8_t low_range_arr[];
extern int8_t high_range_arr[];
void txfm_stage_range_check(const int8_t *stage_range, int stage_num,
const int8_t cos_bit, int low_range,
int high_range);
} // namespace libaom_test